Our success in designing new products can be ascribed to a synergy between our experience in studying and developing custom software, our technical skill and the use of updated design and verification systems, in line with technological evolution and market requirements as well.

Project development and the accompanying information are managed via CAD systems and electronic mass storages devices.

We mostly use PLCs made by Siemens or other major brands since we intend our products to be highly reliable and fit for the most exacting automation tasks, while complying with technical standards and regulations.

Besides, it is our philosophy to make sure our machinery is kept constantly up to date with respect to the new, emerging technical standards.

A Project Manager is in charge of the order ever since the initial planning and development stage; he will follow the job until the equipment is finally operational, acting as a consultant for the company that is going to include our product in its machine or equipment.

A skilled and flexible technical staff also means that our after-sales service can react within 48 hours to keep machine downtime to a minimum.


Areas earmarked for production are particularly extensive so that even large-size panels and/or equipment may be assembled.

Production, assembly and wire laying are managed by means of production cycles and processing forms as well as by specific inspections as the work progresses.

The painstaking care we devote to safety and maintenance aspects also leads to higher efficiency during all production stages.

The necessary parts and equipment are always available within our own warehouse so that delivery deadlines are always met exactly as agreed with our customers.

Our products come with the mandatory Certificates and Declaration of Conformity; to ensure their reliability and effectiveness they are checked with the help of specific tools both before they are delivered (benchmarking) and as they are put into service.


Certified management system
ISO 9001



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